Unexpeced Games
In 1994, four teenagers find a mysterious game at a yard sale. As they play it, they discover it is strangely connected to their lives. What will they risk to unravel the secrets of The Initiative?
A unique journey of discovery, puzzles, and strategy that is unlike any board game the players have ever experienced.
This project was a great opportunity to work again with game designer Corey Konieczka, this time in the debut project for Unexpected Games.
For this board game, we created two themes inspired by film noir spy and 90's teen movies. The result is a thrilling mix where the story must be... you decipher.
More details coming soon!
A game by Corey Konieczka.
Cover by Chan. Comicbook by Andrew Brian George.
Graphic Design, complementary artwork by David Ardila.
The Initiative is © Unexpected Games. All Rights reserved.

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