This is the final composition with the logo and text for the core rulebook.
Star Wars: Age of Rebellion is the second core rulebook in the Roleplaying game line developed by Fantasy Flight Games. On this occasion it focuses on the Rebel Allianceʼs struggle against the forces of the Empire: as spies, diplomats, soldiers, and pilots players do their part to bring freedom to the galaxy.

Fantasy Flight Games asked Edge Studio for some new pictures to illustrate the manual.

A Stormtrooper helmet with the Death Star, TIE fighters, and Yavin 4 in the background was the idea for the frontis page of the book.
There were various concepts for the frontis page. The top left stormtrooper helmet was very eroded and a gas giant was over it instead of the Death Star. Also, we used Rebel X-wings instead of TIE fighters in this previous version. Then the helmet was cleaned and some reflections were added.
A photograph of the frontis page.
The motive of this illustration is a panoramic view of the habitable moon and the gas giant Yavin, where Rebels and their battleships march to the most important mission of Episode IV: the legendary Battle of Yavin.
Like the book Edge of the Empire, this was the original concept, with the classic 3D text crossing the screen. For the book, the idea was to put part of the text above the black strips and break that line.
And this the final version in Age of the Empire.
A illustration of a detail of Yavin Prime over the Death Star. The battle bettwen Light and Dark is Inminent.
A close-up view of X-wing and Y-wing battalions leaving Yavin 4.
For the endsheets of Age of Rebellion we needed a new epic scene from outer space, so we created an image of the lethal Death Star over the gas giant Yavin Prime. In the background the habitable moon Yavin 4 that the Empire wants to destroy can be seen.
The first concept of the same scene for the endsheet.
Illustrations by David Ardila
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