Hi, I'm David Ardila, founder of InkVoltage, a graphic design and artwork studio based in Seville ‒Spain, Europe‒ specializing in creating electrifying visuals for tabletop games since 2005. InkVoltage.com started as my professional portfolio and it continues now with Orca working together to increase the 'volts' for your project.

David Ardila
Founder, Art Director
Graphic Designer

'Lego Lover'
Graphic Designer
Community Manager

'They have a cave troll'
This is InkVoltage.com
Ink & Voltage: Just like a handmade brushstroke, but in a high-voltage sense of the word. There are volts of thrilling visuals running from our electric veins, sparkling, ready to be expressed. Because tabletop games are an artistic, exciting, and fun social expression, they need amazing graphics to perfectly communicate the theme of the project.
And this is the mission of InkVoltage.com, our professional brand that we have created to pursue this ambition.

Some of InkVoltage's electrifying works. Have you played any of these?

The first sparkle of ink
When David joined Edge Entertainment (EDGE) in 2005 ‒ a Spanish game publisher, acquired by Asmodee in 2017‒, he didn't know anything about games, just Monopoly, chess, etc, the classic ones. At that time, he couldn't imagine that working on tabletop games would be such an amazing thing. And David discovered that he was good at this!
So, EDGE was a great opportunity to grow up as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator and to make great friends.
The first projects included several versions of the website and animated Flash trailers of EDGE's published games, in a time when videos and YouTube were not very popular. Yes, this was a long time ago...
Thanks to this work and the Spanish editions of their games, it attracted the attention of Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) and other companies such as Chaosium, Rackham, or Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG).
At the same time, he designed the graphics for important American and European publishers in EDGE Studio, a former department of EDGE ‒ now an independent studio focused exclusively on role-playing games ‒ dedicated primarily to providing graphic design source kits to other companies via FFG IPs and licensing.
David is very proud to have been able to play an important role on such ambitious and successful projects and help a small company grow and flourish.
Fantasy Flight Games, Edge Entertainment, Chaosium, Epic Games, Disney, Game Workshop, Simba, Alderac, Unexpected Games logos. Publishers, clients and licesing companies.
Call of Cthulhu, Warhammer 40K, Gears of War, Breaking Bad, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, El Hormiguero, Legend of the Five Rings, El Internado logos. IPs.
These are some of the publishers, clients and IPs that have relied on my work since 2005.
Our InkVolts for your project
Since 2016, Inkvoltage has been working offering services, and David has collaborated several times with Corey Konieczka ‒ one of the best game designers of all time ‒ and Christian T. Pertersen ‒ former Asmodee North America CEO and FFG Founder ‒ in their respective new projects.
So if you have a project (an indie game, an AAA IP, a new Kickstarter project, or another related game) and you are looking for an Inkvoltage graphic design, we'd like to hear from you and discuss freelancing services, commissions, or any other opportunities.
More than games at DavidArdila.com
Well, I started in the hobby game industry in 2005, but my professional experience in other artistic areas and visuals stems from the 90's.
I worked on websites with Flash, creating official websites for famous Flamenco artists such as Estrella Morente or Belen Maya; I worked on 360º photography before Streetview was a trending topic.
Furthermore, I exhibited my paintings proyects twice in Galería Edurne, one of the main contemporary art galleries in Madrid, Spain ‒ this while studying Fine Arts in Granada University and then in the Basque Country University (UPN), Spain.
Personal projects about my comics, Painting exhibition at Galería Edurne, Lego, Japan, Belen Maya. By David Ardila

Some of my personal projects, hobbies, and old works.

With regards to my hobbies, I love Lego, comics, manganime, movies, videogames, and visiting Japan to enjoy its traditional & pop culture. And sometimes... I play a board game. ;-)
If you are interested in other personal projects, and in my really (not) interesting life, you can visit my personal website:
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