Work together!
Well, this is the first step of your new electrifying game.
Here we go!

Get 'ink' touch!
We love to work on AAA games, indie initiatives, or Kickstarter projects.
We have years of experience in each of them, and we'd like to help you to design the visual graphics and/or illustrate your tabletop game: board games, card games, RPG, or whatever that requires volts of graphics.
Want to contact us? Great! We'd like to hear from you and discuss freelancing services, commissions, a collaboration, any other opportunities, or just to say hi.

Graphic Design
▷ Design kit for the whole the game (layout is optional).
▷ Game components: boxes, cards, tokens, game boards, player screens, custom dice.
▷ RPG Book design and extra components.
▷ Game logos, textures, etc.
▷ Art direction.
▷ Full color artwork for covers, cards, books, character design.
▷ Style theme adaptation.
▷ Illustrated icons, maps, and more!
Send us an E-mail or a Direct Message via our Social Networks and let's talk!
Spanish and English are welcome!
Do you really not know us yet? Touche!
No worries, take a look at some of our work, or learn more about InkVoltage first.
We'll wait for you here.

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