Work together!
Well, this is the first step of your new electrifying game.
Here we go!

Get 'ink' touch!
I love to work on AAA games, indie initiatives, or Kickstarter projects.
I have years of experience in each of them, and I'd like to help you to design the visual graphics and/or illustrate your tabletop game: board games, card games, RPG, or whatever that requires volts of graphics.
Do you want to contact me? Great! I'd like to hear from you and discuss freelancing services, commissions, a collaboration, any other opportunities, or just to say hi.

Graphic Design
▷ Design kit for the whole the game (layout is optional).
▷ Game components: boxes, cards, tokens, game boards, player screens, custom dice.
▷ RPG Book design and extra components.
▷ Game logos, textures, etc.
▷ Art direction.
▷ Full color artwork for covers, cards, books, character design.
▷ Style theme adaptation.
▷ Illustrated icons, maps, and more!
Send me an E-mail or a Direct Message via my Social Networks and let's talk!
Spanish and English are welcome!
Do you really not know me yet? Touche!
No worries, take a lookat some of my work, or learn more about InkVoltage and David Ardila first.
I'll wait for you here.

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