Beginning of a chapter. The illustration covers the entire spread. The text starts on the right page with a big title. The chapter number was inspired by the classic Star Wars movies logo.
Star Wars: Edge of the Empire is a Roleplaying game developed by Fantasy Flight Games for Lucasfilm and Disney. Edge Studio was responsible for the main graphic design of the book.
This project consisted of various elements that FFG used in its own final layout. The theme is smugglers, bounty hunters, and other outsiders of the Empire.
When you open the book, the first page is a close-up view of a famous helmet from the saga of a legendary bounty hunter, with the binary star system of Tatooine in the background.
The next page is an introduction to the book with the classic 3D yellow text and illustration of a planet. Can you hear the John Williams Star Wars fanfare?
For the the standard page design we played with the blank space in a clean layout. The background texture and color scheme was inspired by the metal of the spaceships used by smugglers and bounty hunters.
The final version of the big datapad.
Another datapad. This one has a liquid design, so the FFG layout team can change the length.
For the chapter dedicated to character creation, we designed a new background texture inspired by the Mos Eisley cantina.
The galaxy map was one of the elements that needed the most time and effort to achieve the desired effect.
Next, you have more examples of these graphic designs for the core book.
The first chapter starts with an illustration of the most famous smuggler of all: Han Solo.
Just another chapter, this one starting with a Twi'lek.
A standard page design.
Another sample of a standard page.
The illustrations of characters are bigger with this design.
The elements of the lefthand part of the map were inspired by the screen interfaces of combat spaceships.
The two datapads designed for the book.
Game Line Graphic Design by EDGE Studio, David Ardila, and Chris Beck.
Copyright 2013 Lucasfilm Ltd. & ® or TM where indicated. All rights reserved. Used under authorization. Fantasy Flight Games is a registered trademark of Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc.

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